Would you credit it?

Would you credit it?
October 21, 2014 The Sticker Factory

star of the day cardsHere at the Sticker Factory we like to think we’re reward pioneers. Don’t’ get us wrong, we love stickers, but we’ve always got a few other products up our sleeves to reward, encourage and motivate. That’s why today we’d like to talk to you about our praise ‘credit’ cards. Forget balance transfers and fee charges, our credit cards can guarantee 100% interest (from your pupils) and a massive rate of APR (Active Pupil Reward).


Our ‘credit’ cards are a fantastic way to reinforce a positive message, and increase the communication between teachers, pupils and parents/ guardians. They offer a tangible reward to boost pupil’s confidence and give them a great sense of achievement (and they look great on a fridge!) as well as acting as a perfect conversation starter at home.


Prices start from £2.92 (£3.50 incl. VAT) for a pack of 40, making these cracking cards a very economical way to reward your class. There are single and multi design packs to choose from and a great range of images and captions including alien and fairy ‘Teacher’s Award’ cards, stars, ducks and dinosaur ‘I had a great day’ options. We can also customise star cards with your personal message and a choice of 25 designs for just £6.46 (£7.75 incl. VAT) for a pack of 40.


Head to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our remarkable rewards.

super star award cards

Our ‘credit’ card size rewards are a brilliant way to recognise great effort and achievement.


house of cards

Great for rewards and building card houses…!

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