World Teachers’ & National TA Day 2016

World Teachers’ & National TA Day 2016
October 12, 2016 The Sticker Factory

Educators, you are brilliantLike a sailor with a broken alarm clock we’re afraid we rather missed the boat here at The Sticker Factory. October 5th and September 16th were World Teachers’ Day and National Teaching Assistants’ Day respectively and we reckon it’s the perfect time to give a Sticker Factory salute to all of our friends in education.


World Teachers’ Day is an annual celebration which was created by UNESCO in 1994 to recognise the importance of education and establish its place as a fundamental human right, as well as celebrating the vital work that educators all around the world do on a daily basis. The day also aims to ensure that those who work in education are given enough support to perform their jobs, meaning that each generation of children receive the best education possible.


Each year on World Teachers’ Day UNESCO holds an annual conference in Paris where the role and responsibilities of teachers are discussed; but the day is also a chance to generate awareness about teacher issues, and ensure that teachers are treated with respect, and given the chance to discuss, share and compare their roles.


Likewise National Teaching Assistants’ Day is an annual celebration of the hugely important work TAs do in supporting the classroom. Across the country, the day aims to recognise and support the dual work teachers and TAs do in making sure that every individual achieves their potential.


For our part want to show our eternal appreciation and respect for Teachers, TAs and those who work in education and thank them for all of their hard work. You are all brilliant!


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