World Book Day 2013: Let’s celebrate books!

World Book Day 2013: Let’s celebrate books!
February 1, 2013 The Sticker Factory

I love books stickersLet’s celebrate books! Thursday the 7th March is World Book Day. It’s a brilliant time to encourage children in classrooms and at home to read, and with millions of free book vouchers given out, lots of children can enjoy a book for free.


Reading is not only an essential skill, it can help us learn so much and bring lots of enjoyment and fun. Sometimes children need a little extra encouragement to read, so it’s important to help them understand why reading is beneficial, and reward them for their effort. World Book Day is not only a great time to celebrate books, but also to inspire children to read.


Stickers and reward bookmarks are a wonderful way to monitor and reward reading, and help children to feel encouraged and motivated to keep up the good work. Take a look at the World Book Day website for more information about the day, and for lots of handy resources for primary and secondary schools, libraries and more.


For a brilliant range of reward products to complement your World Book Day activities then take a look at our website for a great range of stickers, and bookmarks to help encourage, monitor and reward reading.



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