Wonderful Wristbands

Wonderful Wristbands
March 20, 2013 The Sticker Factory

reward wristbandsWristbands are a wonderful evolution of the sticker (we even found an evolutionary diagram and everything, take a look below!).


Have you ever considered reward wristbands as an alternative to traditional stickers? Children love to see something different, and a wristband is just that. Pupil’s will feel encouraged to receive one and motivated to keep up the hard work. We had a lot of interest in them at the Education Show this year, they went like hot cakes!


They’re also great for school trips to easily identify members of a party. Or why not use them for an school event like a disco so you can easily keep tabs on attendees. There’s so many uses for a wristband!


Take a look at our range of wristbands for a great way to reward, encourage and motivate.


The evolution of the wristband

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