Walk this way . . .

Walk this way . . .
May 8, 2014 The Sticker Factory

walk with us a while stickerWith all of this nice weather around it’s a splendid time to enjoy the great outdoors. The 19th-23rd May is Walk to School Week and we think it’s a brilliant time to encourage kids to get outdoors.


We know it’s not practical for everyone, but for those who can, walking to school can have a lot of benefits: it saves an average of £400 a year in fuel and it’s good for the environment to name but a few. You can find lots more information, advice and resources from the Living Streets Walk to School website.


But there’s no reason to stop there. This week also provides an excellent opportunity to teach children about the importance of road and traffic safety and give them confidence in making journeys alone safely. Plus it gives them a nice dose of fresh air and exercise which we all know does wonders for health, happiness and so much more.


For a great range of stickers, reward charts, wristbands, badges, custom rewards and much more to motivate your wee ones to get on their feet, take a virtual ramble over to our website and Living Streets and have a good mosey around.


I walked to school sticker

Custom stickers are a great for Walk to School week.

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