Turn over your papers, you may begin!

Turn over your papers, you may begin!
May 23, 2017 The Sticker Factory

pen - super writing reward stickerIt’s exam time and for a bit of fun we thought we’d pit your brains against some of the very hardest exam questions we could find, a sample from a 1950s era 11-plus exam. Please write your answers clearly and don’t forget to show our working out!


1. Re-write the following sentences, using the plurals of the underlined words:

(a) The angry goose snapped at my bare foot.

(b) This young deer lived in yonder valley.


2. A clock is 12 minutes slow, but is gaining 5 seconds per hour. A watch is 20 minutes fast, but is losing 7½ seconds per hour. How many minutes fast will the watch be when the clock shows the right time?


3. (c) MAN is to CROWD as DROP is to (FALL, FLOCK, WATER).


4. Give the feminine of each of the following: (a) brother (b) nephew (c) monk (d) wizard (e) gander (f) merman (g) waiter (h) hero (i) fox (j) cousin


5. Write down words which describe a collection of: cows, fish, bees, sheep, crows.


6. What do the following letters stand for? U.S.A., B.B.C., H.M.S., P.T.O., U.N.O., H.R.H., M.P.


7. A man left home at 11.30 a.m. and cycled 5 miles to a railway station at the rate of 12 miles an hour. He waited 10 minutes at the station and then travelled by train a distance of 36 miles at the rate of 24 miles an hour. At what time did he reach his destination?


8. Write a short account of Queen Salote.



We hope you have a stress free exam period and a relaxing and restful half term.


Answers are below the image, scroll no further if you don’t want to see them just yet!


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1. A. The angry geese snapped at my bare feet.

B. The young deers lived in yonder valley.

2. 2 minutes fast

3. Water

4. A. Sister, b. Niece, c. Nun, d. Witch, e. Goose, f. Mermaid, g.waitress, h.heroine, i. Vixen, j. Cousin.

5. Herd, shoal, swarm, flock, murder.

6. United States of America, British Broadcasting Corporation, Her Majesty’s Ship, Please turn over, United Nations Organisation, Her Royal Highness, Member of Parliament

7. 1:35pm

8. She was the longest reigning monarch of Tonga and its first Queen Regnant.



Questions from The Telegraph


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