Tune in to our marvellous music stickers!

Tune in to our marvellous music stickers!
July 12, 2016 The Sticker Factory

music stickersWe’re carrying on our look at our 38mm curriculum based sticker range, and today we thought we’d turn our attention to our marvellous musical stickers. They’ve been part of The Sticker Factory family for nearly two years and have been working very hard to reward lots of budding maestros up and down the country.


Each pack contains five sheets, making 75 stickers in all, and, at a price of £3.79 (£4.55 incl. VAT), they’re sure to stave off any musical misbehaviour. Featuring a range of musical inspired images and captions including ‘Well done in music!’, ‘Lovely creative work!’ and ‘Good playing.’


For a bit of fun we’ve put together a special musical crossword for you to crack (scroll down to the bottom of the post for the completed crossword). Take a trip over to our website to cast your quavers over these and the rest of our curriculum based stickers.

Music crossword

music crossword clues

music curriculum stickers

Marvellous music stickers!

music crossword answers



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