To bee or not to bee?

To bee or not to bee?
June 18, 2014 The Sticker Factory

English curriculum stickersThe new National Curriculum is here and we’ve been busy designing a great new range of stickers based around it. This week we thought we’d take the opportunity to show off our brand new 38mm English curriculum stickers and how better to do that than by creating a little worksheet to get you into the spirit. Simply match the correct words and phrases to the gaps to find out more.




Our new English curriculum stickers are simply __________ ( fantastic, amazing, sticky) and I especially like their _________________ (bright colour, jazzy pictures, taste in books). With a mixture of captions including ‘star worker’, ‘lovely reading and ‘super spelling’ there’s a great range to reward all aspects of the new curriculum. At a price of £3.79 (£4.55 including VAT) for five sheets totaling 75 stickers I can’t  wait to start rewarding the ______________ (darling, delightful, precious, testing) little _______________ (munchkins, cherubs, tykes, angels, scallywags) on their use of English. All of our new curriculum stickers are designed and printed in the UK which is ______________ (good, sustainable, ruddy marvellous).


Pay a visit to our website to have a gander at these and the rest of our new curriculum sticker range.

English curriculum stickers

With a great range of new subject specific designs and captions these are wonderful rewards for English.


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