Time for Slime!

Time for Slime!
September 19, 2018 The Sticker Factory

minibeast reward stickers

Did you know that the world’s smallest snail could fit through the eye of a needle? Or that snail slime has been used as a basis for a medical glue that can fix heart defects? Pretty clever little blighters you’ll agree, and not just snails-butterflies use their feet to taste and worms can eat their own body weight in a day. We’re partial to a biscuit or two ourselves but that might be beyond even us! The world of mini beasts is a fascinating place and that’s why we developed a range of stickers featuring all of our favourite creepy crawlies, ready to boost your pupil’s interest in all things mini beast. They include a mixture of images like worms, tadpoles and ladybirds, captured in our signature style, all with the caption ‘Well done’.


A pack of 440 15mm mini beast stickers costs just £6.25, or you can check out our 28mm sparkly mini beast sticker sets for £2.21. Plus have a look at our free to download mini beast bunting which beautifies any classroom. Take a field trip over to our website to have a look at our mini beast stickers and all of the rest of our super stickers, and pack up your basket with enough creepy crawlies to reward your little ones until half-term.

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