Three, two, one…go!

Three, two, one…go!
June 13, 2018 The Sticker Factory
sports value stickersSchool sports day season is upon us and we’ve got all of your sporting rewards covered, from medals to certificates, and stickers to badges. 
First up are our sporting value stickers, the perfect way to reward positive behaviours like respect and equality. They’re ideal for sports events and a pack of 350 costs just £11.56. Our great competitor medals are also a brilliant way to ensure that everyone is a winner, no matter who comes first! 
Next up are our gold, silver and bronze stickers and medals, the ideal rewards for team and individual events, whether that’s the discus or the sack race. There’s a mixture of colours and designs but they’re all, in every sense very sporty little numbers! Prices start from £4.42 for a set of 70 stickers. Or have a peep at our subject specific PE stickers, praise notes and certificates, a brilliant way to encourage and motivate pupils to get active throughout the whole school year. 
As with all of our lovely rewards all of our sports day favourites are designed and made in the UK; Great Britain, great stickers!
Take a hop, skip and jump over to our website to have a look at all of our super sports day stickers and rewards.