The United States of Stickers

The United States of Stickers
April 29, 2016 The Sticker Factory

WSparkly gold star stickere like to be in America! We’re very happy to announce that Sticker Factory products are now available to buy on Amazon in America. We’d like to extend a hearty hello to our friends in the US and welcome to the wonderful world of stickers.


There are badges, stickers, postcards, credit cards and more to help you reward, encourage and motivate. To celebrate the arrival of The Sticker Factory on US soil we’ve put together some fun facts for you to get to know us better.


1. The Sticker Factory will be 20 next year. It was started in 1997 by Vanessa and has been going strong ever since.


2. It’s a family affair at The Sticker Factory. We’re an independent family run business with two generations now in the trade.


3. All of our products are designed by us and sourced in Great Britain and many of them come from just a few miles down the road from our base in Suffolk.


4. Our stickers are very well travelled. We’ve sent stickers to every continent and some pretty far-away places like Australia, Iceland and Nigeria.


5. We think we have the best stocked biscuit cupboard in Suffolk, maybe even the world.


We hope you enjoy our Sticker Factory goodies, and take a look at our gallery below for a selection of some of the great reward products available on Amazon in America!

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