The power of postcards

The power of postcards
June 20, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Smiley 'Well done' reward postcardsPostcards. They’re great aren’t they? It’s always exciting to come home and find a postcard among the letters and bills. Everything else gets put to one side for a second while you take a moment to enjoy it.


Postcards aren’t just to send from your holiday. They’re also a great reward to send from school in the post or home with a pupil. With so many things delivered electronically these days, it’s great to receive something you can put on the fridge or a pin-board (or anything else it’ll go on!) for everyone to see and be proud of.


Our postcards are a brilliant way to send a positive message home and help keep the communication between teachers, parents and guardians and children alive. Take a look at our range for a fantastic way to reward, encourage and motivate. We also have some great designs for you to customise for something extra special. Power to the postcard!


custom postcard for teachers



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