The Monthly Sticker: September 2018

The Monthly Sticker: September 2018
September 25, 2018 The Sticker Factory

The nights are drawing in and there’s not so much a nip in the air as a jolly big pinch! Summer seems to be gone but here at The Sticker Factory we’ve still got lots of lovely things to warm you up this chilly Tuesday. Read on to find out about awesome offers and super stars!

Marvellous Monthly Offers: Praise-worthy Praise Pads
Head over to our website to have a look at our latest monthly offer: 25% off selected praise pads until the end of September.They’re a brilliant alternative to stickers and ideal for supporting communication between home and school. They all feature our colourful designs like aliens, tigers, hard working bees and smiley spiders and a space to write a child’s name, your signature and the date, so they’re perfect for every rewarding schoolwork and behaviour and every occasion. Prices start at £3.14 for a pack of 50 A6 or you can get your hands on a mixed pack of 64 praise notes for £4.14. Please note: discount is applied automatically at the checkout, offer ends 30th September 2018.

Super Stars!
We’ve got more than praise pads though to reward your pupils and send a positive message home, our star postcards are also a brilliant way to boost pupil’s self-esteem and spread a smile. Just like postcards from holidays, our postcards are the ideal way to send a bit of sunshine (or starshine) home. We thought we’d take the chance to get to know these happy guys a bit better.

Name: Star postcard
AKA: Stella(r), The Postman.
Caption: ‘Star Pupil’
Special skills: Spreading good news at home and school; helping to make sure positive behaviour is repeated at home!

You can have a look at all of the ways we help to share good news between home and school over at our website. We’ll see you soon for more sticker news.