The Monthly Sticker: Jan 2013

The Monthly Sticker: Jan 2013
January 29, 2013 The Sticker Factory

The Monthly Sticker imageWe’ve decided to start having a monthly round up of what’s been happening here at The Sticker Factory to share all of our month’s news with you. It’s all the sticker news you could ever want! Here is the first ever edition of ‘The Monthly Sticker’.


What’s new?

So, what’s been happening in January we hear you ask? The new year has bought lots of new things for The Sticker Factory. We started off the month with a new look for the front page of our website. We now have rotating banners and a brilliant new design, take a look if you haven’t seen it already.


We also received the delivery of our new A4 sparkly sticker sheets. After months of design here, and then preparation at the printers, it is brilliant to see them in all their sparkly sticky glory. They’re already proving to be very popular and are being sent up and down the country to help reward, encourage and motivate.


As well as our new A4 sparkly stickers, this month we’ve launched a brand new range of Easter products. We have some eggcellent new designs, take a look and see.


Product focus

Each month we’re going to be putting the spotlight on two products to let you know more about what we do and why we do it. This month we’ve been looking at our custom bookmarks and charts for 10mm stickers. We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a bit more about us and our products.


Offer of the month

Throughout January we’ve had 25% off selected 24mm compilation stickers, and it’s proved to be a very popular offer. The good news is that there is still a few days to take advantage of this offer if you haven’t done so already. And of course watch out for February’s offer of the month, it’s a good one!


Celebrity spotting

Last week we were getting ready for another Thursday at The Sticker Factory, when who should we see walk past but Chris Packham! The next few days that followed were pretty exciting and ended up is us making some poodle stickers for him. Read all about it!


Until next time, thanks for reading!


Sparkly reward stickers

We were very excited to receive our new sheets of A4 sparkly stickers this month!

Signed calendar from Chris Packham

Chris Packham gave us this signed calendar to say thank you for the poodle stickers we made for him.

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