The brilliance of bookmarks

The brilliance of bookmarks
February 14, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Reward bookmarksWhen children need a little extra encouragement to read a great way to help motivate them is with reward bookmarks. They’re a very effective way to monitor reading, reward progress and show children that what they’re doing is something really positive.


Our reward bookmarks have room for a sticker when a child reads and a space to mark an initial and/ or date. It’s not only a great way to monitor reading, but aids in the important three way communication between teachers, parents/ guardians and children to keep everyone up to date.


If that’s not enough, they even mark where you left off ready for when you next pick up your book (as any good bookmark should!). Fantastic!


Take a look at our brilliant range of reward bookmarks and custom bookmarks for an effective way to motivate and monitor reading.



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