Stickers on the move

Stickers on the move
January 15, 2014 The Sticker Factory

spider stickerBack in August we began putting down on paper (well, the electronic equivalent) the story of The Sticker Factory. We left the story with the first of The Sticker Factory stickers happily spending their time on a shelf in the conservatory of a small terraced house, oblivious to what was about to happen next…


As time went on more and more stickers would come and go to the shelves in the conservatory, more products were being dreamt up, and quite frankly there just wasn’t room for all the stickers and the rest of the conservatory dwelling items in there any more. It was time to move.


The latter years of 90s will be remembered for a number of reasons. The internet was beginning to find it’s feet, the first MP3 player was released, Dolly the sheep suddenly found she had a twin, and who could forget the Tamagotchi?! But for The Sticker Factory the late 90s will be remembered most as the time we had our first non conservatory premises. It may have only been a small unit on a local industrial estate, but it was our small unit on a local industrial estate, and the stickers flourished.


We spent a happy number of years on the industrial estate, moving to a slightly bigger unit to accommodate a well nurtured and growing Sicker Factory. We must have been doing something right as eventually we began to outgrow our second industrial unit (too many biscuits probably!), and it was time to move again.


That exciting tale will have to wait for another day though. We will, however, say this: we moved somewhere with much more room for biscuits, and stickers of course!


Want to find out more? After all, the world of stickers is a pretty exciting place. We’ve been busy putting together a bit of collection about us: Meet Vanessa, our fonder and director, discover where our stickers come from through the medium of poetry, get to know our office dog, and take a look at the little video we made all about how we customise our stickers. You can of course also visit our website, or, as we like to call it, our virtual conservatory!



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