Stickers at home: beyond the realm of rewards

Stickers at home: beyond the realm of rewards
October 9, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Yellow sparkly smiley stickerWe all know stickers make great rewards at home, but what else can you do with them about the house? Stickers are very versatile little things, so this month we’re taking a look at some of their uses beyond the realm of rewards.


Let’s go on a sticker hunt

It’s a bit like hide and seek really, just with stickers. Hide some around the house and then let the sticker hunt begin! (We find sticking them on things like soft toys and material is best so they can be easily removed). Simple yet so effective. You could even have a little chart or book to collect them in. A perfect rainy day activity.


Present wrapping

You never know when you might want a sticker to jazz up those presents and cards, we find sparklies are especially good for this. Take a look at our little video and see what we mean (it is about Christmas stickers, but the principle is the same!).


Don’t write it, stick it!

If you’re someone, or know someone, who likes to write their name on things (books, CDs, DVDs, we all do it from time to time!) then take a look at our collection of custom stickers. Choose from lots of great designs and have exactly the wording you want.


Have you got any ideas for sticker uses around the house? We’d love to hear them, just leave us a comment on this post to share your top sticker tips.


Take a look at our ‘Stickers at Home’ range, there’s so much you can do!

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Don't write it, stick it!



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