Stickers and the positive impact of rewarding achievement

Stickers and the positive impact of rewarding achievement
May 25, 2012 The Sticker Factory

It is well known that rewarding children is an extremely effective way to motivate and encourage pupils in the classroom. One successful way of achieving this is through the use of stickers and other complementary motivation products. Small and simple, yet extremely effective, stickers are a fantastic resource for any classroom.


What is it that makes these little sticky things so effective? They truly have great versatility. Stickers make fantastic rewards, whether they say ‘excellent’, ‘well done’, ‘out of this world’, or nothing at all. Pupils really appreciate being recognised for their effort, and this helps motivate them to continue to work and behave well.


They can be customised with personal designs and messages for a really special reward: children love to see something unique, and it makes the sticker more sought after and effective. Stickers can be given during a lesson, break or after school to reinforce verbal praise and give a lasting reminder of positive achievement. They can also be a great aid when marking, pupils love to see stickers next to their work.


Stickers can also be used to set targets and mark progress on charts and bookmarks, and ‘write on name’ stickers are perfect to use for book, locker and peg identification. They are also excellent for recognition, school visitors or to let others know if someone has had first aid.


Stickers are practical and motivational. Whether you are rewarding an individual for their work in a particular lesson, their helpfulness, or inspiring the whole class with a reward chart, stickers can produce positive effects by encouraging and rewarding good behavior, celebrating achievement and boosting confidence. They set a good example for others to follow and also show parents and guardians that their child has been recognised and rewarded for their achievements.


Round, sparkly, square, custom, large and small. The simple yet successful sticker takes many forms and has been a favorite resource of teachers for a long time for many reasons. The little things really can make a big difference. Long live the sticker!



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