Smell the stickers! 50% off all month

Smell the stickers! 50% off all month
August 1, 2012 The Sticker Factory

What is it about a scratch and sniff sticker that draws you to it? Stickers are great, but there is something about a strawberry or a chocolate scented sticker that people can’t seem to resist.


When we set up camp at the Education Show each year we like to take stickers to give to our customers to wear, and the scratch and sniff ones go faster than any! The simple joy of scratching an apple sticker and being able to smell apples is one that’s hard to beat (when it comes to stickers at least!).


Scratch and sniff stickers make really special rewards and they’re great for any occasion. The apple and strawberry ones are ideal for healthy eating initiatives, and the chocolate ones are just great! Throughout August you can have 50% off our scratch and sniff stickers. Brilliant!


Warning: strawberry scratch and sniff stickers don’t hold up well to cream…


Please note: discount is shown when you view the contents of your basket, thank you.





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