Send a positive message home

Send a positive message home
July 3, 2012 The Sticker Factory

Sending a positive message home is a great way to communicate with parents and guardians about how their child is doing at school. It helps aid the three way communication between teachers, children and parents and guardians, so helping optimise their education.


Being praised at home for achievement in school will help boost confidence and encourage good behaviour and motivate children both in and out of the classroom. We all appreciate it and are encouraged when someone takes the time to praise us.


Reward notes are an ideal way to send a positive message home. They allow parents and guardians to see why their child has been given a reward and provide a great opportunity for discussion.


Throughout July we have 25% off our ‘Praise Bees’ reward pads. Pupils will feel really encouraged to receive one and take a positive message home.



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  1. Christian 7 years ago

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Send a positive message home | The Sticker Factory, thanks for the good read!
    — Christian

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