Sailing through new stickers…

Sailing through new stickers…
November 28, 2017 The Sticker Factory

New Stickers Ahoy - New stickers from The Sticker FactoryDid you know that, on this day (28th November) in 1520, Ferdinand Magellan set out on his famous round the world trip to discover new worlds across the sea? We may not have compasses and maps but recently, we like to think we’re a bit like explorers, sailing through the waters of excellent rewards discovering new and exotic products to encourage, reward and motivate.

In our splendid new products range you’ll find some perfect ways to add some magic to your marking. The range includes four super new star reward sticker options: ‘Star writer’, ‘Star reader’, ‘Star speller’ and ‘Maths wizard’. They all feature bright and colourful backgrounds and our friendly star character. Each pack includes 54 x 28mm stickers, all for a dwarf star price of £1.50.

Or have a look at our ‘Ask me why I got this sticker’ beauties. Each sheet includes 38mm merit stickers with 10mm smiley stickers snuggled in safely between them, meaning no space is wasted and you get more sticker for your nicker! Each pack includes 10 A4 reward sticker sheets, a total of 590 stickers all together, all for just £10.50. They’re brilliant for increasing the communication between home and school and giving pupils ownership over their own learning.

Head over to our website to set sail around the waters of these and the rest of our new rewards.