Royal thanks

Royal thanks
June 12, 2012 The Sticker Factory

A sticker with a yellow crown on a blue background with no text.We received a letter from Buckingham Palace today!


This year marked the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As we make stickers and other lovely motivation products we thought that to commemorate and celebrate the occasion we would design a range of stickers and badges.


Steven, one of our directors, thought we should send some to The Queen to congratulate her, as it was her Diamond Jubilee and we had designed them to celebrate this, and so we did! We sent The Queen some stickers and custom badges we made especially for her with a little letter explaining why we had done this.


In our ‘Lovely Jubilee’ blog post we mentioned this and that we hadn’t heard back yet as to whether they had been received/ liked….. we have just heard back! Earlier today we got a lovely letter in the post from Buckingham Palace thanking us. It made our day! You can have a look below and see what we received.


We hope you enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations (maybe with a sticker or two included somewhere!), it certainly was a special weekend.


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