Rewards on the go!

Rewards on the go!
July 14, 2016 The Sticker Factory

collection reward card and mini sticker sheet - mixed imagesHello hello and welcome to another new slice of Sticker Factory goodness. We’ve been carrying on our work developing new products to make motivating a breeze and we think we’ve come up with an absolute corker. Our brand spanking new collection cards and mini sticker sheets are the perfect way to reward good behaviour on the move and a fantastic and fun way to keep little ones motivated. In fact the only way they would be handier is if they had wheels!


The range includes mini 12mm stickers and credit cards, each featuring spaces for 36 stickers. There are smiley face stickers, shiny stars, Christmas stickers (we know it’s a little early) and a mixed variety. They’re ideal to use for specific challenges at school or home and, because they’re mini and portable, they can be used just about anywhere. Plus they’re perfect for little ones to keep themselves, meaning they promote independence too.


Visit our website to have a look at these super handy little chaps. Prices start from just £2.46 (£2.95) incl. VAT for a pack of four collection ‘credit’ cards and six mini sheets of stickers. Or you can buy the stickers on their own for lots of little rewards, a pack of 15 sheets, 360 stickers in total, costs just £2.75 (£3.30 incl. VAT).


We’ll be on our hollybobs next week so we’ll see you the week after for lots more sticker news. We hope you have a fantastic last few days at term and a wonderful summer holiday.

 collection reward card and mini sticker sheet - mixed images

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