Rewarding Rewards

Rewarding Rewards
October 3, 2017 The Sticker Factory

Your online reward chart is the bees knees!Here at The Sticker Factory we love a freebie, whether it’s a complimentary after dinner mint or a poorly guarded free taster plate at the supermarket. That’s why we developed our very own reward chart for you, our lovely customers to use.

The reward chart is very simple, just log into your account, and for every £5 excl. VAT you spend you’ll receive an animated sticker on your very own online chart. Once you have £30 excl. VAT worth of stickers you’ll be able to claim a free gift, and with every £10 excl. VAT more you spend you’ll be able to claim another free gift! When you reach £60 excl. VAT or more your chart is full, and you’ll be able to claim a maximum of four free gifts per order. Then your chart re-sets and you can start collecting all over again from your next order.

We’ve designed five super sets of sparkly stickers for you to choose from as your free gifts, from seaside classics to minibeasts. Take a look here to find out more about reward charts and visit our website to start building towards your free gifts now. If you have any questions please get in touch, we’re always happy to chat. You can email us at, call us on our freephone number 0800 055 6121, or tweet us @SFstickers.

Please note: you cannot take advantage of our reward chart scheme if you checkout as a guest user, you need to sign up for an account and be a registered and logged in user.

online reward chart image

Collect stickers and claim free rewards! Brilliant!