Ready, steady, go!

Ready, steady, go!
May 31, 2016 The Sticker Factory

great competitor stickerFrom football to the Olympics, Wimbledon to the Paralympics, we’re looking forward to a great summer of sport in 2016. While we’re dusting off our racquets and digging out our shin pads (not for football, the scramble for the last biscuit can be very competitive!) we thought we’d take you through some of the super sporty rewards we have available to support all of your activities this year.


In first place we have our gold, silver and bronze medals, a classic and perfect for sports day. Next up are our stickers saluting sporting values, they’re snazzier than Usain Bolt’s shell suit, and ideal to reward all sorts of sporting achievement. They’re joined by our badges, available in packs of 20, featuring gold, silver, bronze and great competitor varieties, they’re sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Bringing up the rear are our certificates, fantastic to reward every kind of sporting endeavour. Last but not least, coming up fast, are our PE praise notes, the perfect way to motivate and inspire children to get active this summer.


Prices start at £1.25 (£1.50 incl. VAT) for a medal, going up to £14.17 (£17 incl. VAT) for 350 of our sporting values stickers.


Sprint over to our website to have a look at these and all of our sporty rewards.  After all that exertion we’re off for a sit down!

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