Raising Motivation: The Best Ways to Boost Pupils’ Productivity!

Raising Motivation: The Best Ways to Boost Pupils’ Productivity!
April 27, 2018 The Sticker Factory

We appreciate maintaining motivation in the classroom can be difficult, but if you’re looking for some sure fire ways to keep little ones engaged and happy in their learning then look no further than the Sticker Factory’s sure-fire motivation boosters!

Super Stickers
First up are the original, the classic, reward stickers. They’re not big but they are clever, and a great way to let pupils know that you’re proud of them. They’re bright and colourful, come in all shapes and sizes and can be personalised with your own message or name. Plus they’re immediate to administer so perfect for encouraging, whether it’s for a piece of work, for behaviour, or anything else. And because they look lovely on a school jumper the positive behaviour can continue to be encouraged and rewarded at home too.

The possibilities are endless-from sparkly stickers to customisable and scratch ‘n’ sniff, there are sizes and shapes to suit every sticker occasion!

Charting Progress
Reward charts are a brilliant way to track your pupil’s progress, whether that’s behaviour, homework, attendance, or a specific activity like spelling tests and reading logs. They’re fantastic at giving students ownership over their learning and helping them see their own positive progress and a super way to keep motivation going as the end of term approaches.

You can have a look at our range of lovely reward charts here or visit the Sticker Factory website to have a look at our full range of brilliant rewards!