Put to the test: Stickers at Home

Put to the test: Stickers at Home
January 30, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Dino chart with sparkly stickersLast year we launched our ‘Stickers at Home’ range. With some new designs and ideas, it’s full of products aimed at helping parents, guardians, carers and childminders to reward, encourage and motivate.


It’s the people who use our products who are the best judge of our designs, and we wanted to put out ‘Stickers at Home’ range to the test. With the help of some lovely members from Mumsnet, we arranged to send out sample packs* to parents, guardians and carers across the country and waited in eager anticipation for the results….


Many cups of tea and plenty of biscuits later the feedback came in: 100% of people said the product was easy to use, that they and their child/ren enjoyed using it and that our charts and stickers were ideal for use at home. 94% agreed that our products were effective in rewarding and motivating. 82% said that the design was good and that they’d use our charts and stickers again, and 71% said that they would recommend our products and ‘Stickers at Home’ to their family and friends.


Our testers also told us that:


“My daughter liked the words on the stickers and would talk through what the different phrases meant. The smiley faces were simple but effective.”


“I really like the design of the stickers and the characters you use.”


“These reward stickers are so fun to use, my son loves to choose which sticker he would like.”


“Like the simplicity of the reward chart.”


“Nice, bright, simple, easy to adapt to individual child.”


“Have already told many parents to take a look at the website!”


“Very easy to use as everything included in the pack. Parent’s don’t need to go and find separate stickers or stickers that go with the borders as you have matched them perfectly.”


“Beautiful designs and my daughter absolutely loved the sparkly stickers. Thank you!”


Take a look at our ‘Stickers at Home’ range and see how our products can help you reward, encourage and motivate at home.


*We sent out 25 sample packs and questionnaires and received 17 back.


A4 star reward chart with sparkly stickers

Our coordinated reward charts with sparkly stickers were a hit with parents and children alike.


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