Praise Bee!

Praise Bee!
June 13, 2014 The Sticker Factory

praise bees bee note padIt’s Friday and the sun is shining in Suffolk, we hope it’s shining where you are too. This week we’re taking some time to have a quick Q&A session with one of our fabulous ranges of products: ‘Praise Bee’ pads.


Em (resident Sticker Factory blogger): Name?


PB pads: Praise Bees and Friends pads. There are 15 designs in the family, from footballs (very appropriate at the moment) to dinosaurs, tigers, aliens and crabs. We’re called ‘Praise Bee’ pads because the first of us was a bee pad, and from then all of us that came after became affectionately known as ‘Praise Bee pads’.


Em: Quite a brood. May I enquire as to your cost?


PB pads: Of course. Prices start from £3.33 (£4.00 including VAT) for a pack of 50 to £4.38 (£5.26 including VAT) for a mixed pack of 64 so you get a lot of notes for your notes.


Em: What sort of things do you reward?


PB pads: All sorts: reading, writing, behaviour, hard work and the classic well done.


Em: Can I detect a Suffolk accent?


PB pads: We’re printed two miles down the road so we’re pretty local, boi.*


Em: I notice a lot of biscuits round here, what’s your favourite?


PB pads: It’s got to be a jammy dodger.


Em: Classic. Thanks for chatting to me, say what’s that over there?


PB pads: Where? Hey, where did the jammy dodgers go?


To find out more about Praise bees and friends take a jaunt over to our website



*A term of address in Suffolk dialect meaning friend or chum.


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