Postcards aren’t just for holidays

Postcards aren’t just for holidays
February 21, 2013 The Sticker Factory

custom postcard for teachersSomething different is sitting there… amongst the bills, takeaway menus and the Avon catalogue there is something colourful. What is this bright rectangle of card? A postcard! Who’s been on holiday? No one, it’s a praise postcard from the school, how wonderful!


Sending a positive message home is a brilliant way to aid in the three way communication between teachers, parents/ guardians and children. Whether you send it via snail mail or home with a pupil, a custom postcard is a great way to let everyone know progress and achievement.


Praise at school, and then reinforced by sending a positive message home, is a wonderful way to help boost the confidence of a pupil and encourage continued positive effort both in and out of the classroom.


With our custom postcards, you can have your own message on both the front and back, allowing you to send home exactly the message you want. Take a look at our range for an effective way to send a positive message home.



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