Once upon a sticker…

Once upon a sticker…
January 21, 2015 The Sticker Factory

books stickerHere at The Sticker Factory there’s nothing we like more than getting caught up in a good story. Whether it’s Beowulf or Eastenders there’s nothing like jumping into a good narrative, getting to know characters and gasping at plot twists; and the benefits to children of getting involved in storytelling are manifold.


From improving imagination and creativity, to increasing social awareness and building team working skills, telling stories is a fundamental human activity which links us to our past and carries us into a united future. 2015 marks the celebration of the 15th annual National Storytelling Week which is running between January 31st and 7th February and we think it’s a fantastic time to get involved in storytelling.


National Storytelling week is an annual celebration which focuses on oral storytelling in museums, theatres, hospitals, schools and anywhere else where good stories are told. There are lots of ways to get involved, from assemblies to examining local folklore in lessons or even getting the whole school involved in telling a group story. The Society for Storytelling was established to promote oral storytelling tradition and their website contains some great resources to help your week go with a swing.


You can also reward your storytellers with a range of rewards from us. Why not customise your stickers for some extra-special rewards?


Until next time, thanks for reading.

fab storytelling sticker

Why not customise your stickers for an extra special reward.

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