On your marks, get set … go!

On your marks, get set … go!
May 9, 2014 The Sticker Factory

great competitor stickerIt’s nearly Sports Day season and we’ve decided to get into the spirit here at The Sticker Factory. We’ve limbered up and stretched out (and that’s just so we can get into our lycra shorts!) to take part in our very own inaugural Sticker Factory Olympiad.


We’ve got the 100 metre dash to the kettle, the biscuit discus guzzling, the photocopier hurdle and last, but not least, the staple-chase. There’s some pretty heated competition but we’ve got rewards for everyone so we’re all winners.


Whether you’re having a classic egg and spoon race, the 100 metres run or your own school tradition, we have a fabulous range of sports day rewards to motivate and encourage, including medals, wristbands, badges, stickers, certificates and lots of other lovely things.


Take a sprint to our website to see all of these and more. We hope you have dry weather and a lot of fun, now we’re off to get out of this lycra!


Reward medals

Medals and much more! You’ll find lots of great rewards for sports day at The Sticker Factory.

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