OK, computer

OK, computer
June 10, 2014 The Sticker Factory

Computer stickerWhen it comes to the classroom, things have certainly come a long way since the time of blackboards and lidded desks. Over the past few decades we’ve seen fewer chalkboards, traditional boxes of chalk and the iconic overhead projector. More commonly these days, lessons include the use of laptops, computers and other fancy electronic gadgets.


I.T. classes have moved on as well. The Guardian recently reported that from September, coding and computer science are going to become part of the National Curriculum. Even reception classes in primary schools have seen an increase in the presence of technology over the past few years, with the introduction of interactive whiteboards, online lessons and video clips. Many schools now also use computerised and virtual reward systems. Were sure ‘Vivo’ means something to quite a few of our readers!


While we can appreciate virtual stickers and rewards (after all, we keep little virtual representations of all our rewards on our website), we think when it comes to rewards and motivation, the tactile versions are still king.


From proudly displaying a sticker or badge on a school jumper, to treasuring progress charts on classroom walls or in a workbook, you just can’t beat the joy they bring. So when it comes to rewarding youngsters simply pick up some stickers, badges, wristbands or your reward of choice, and watch the positivity grow.


P.S. We saw this and just had to include it: when it comes to computers, you can’t go wrong with a bit of wisdom from the cookie monster!


Kind thanks to Jenni Covell for the content of this post.




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