Not just page markers

Not just page markers
March 5, 2013 The Sticker Factory

Easter bookmarksBookmarks: there’s no better way to recognise the page of your book to pick back up from (yes, we’re part of the group of people that don’t like folding down corners!). But they’re not just page markers, there’s more to bookmarks than meets the eye…


Bookmarks are a great way to encourage reading. Easter is not far away now, and, when accompanied by the word ‘holiday’, is music to many ears. Inevitably there will be work to be done, so why not make it brighter with bookmarks?!


They’re great to use as end of term gifts, prizes and rewards, and are very economical. We think they’ll bring a smile to anyone who receives one and help motivate pupils to do any reading they need to over the Easter break. If there’s any left over you could even use one yourself. We’ve found they’re very useful for marking important places in big piles of paper!


Our Easter bookmarks are part of our new Easter range. Take a look for a great way to reward, encourage and motivate this spring.


Did you know our Easter bookmarks were designed and are printed right here at our offices in Suffolk? Eggcellent!


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