New Personalised Sparklies!

New Personalised Sparklies!
September 2, 2016 The Sticker Factory

sparkly personalised stickersPop on the kettle and crack open the luxury biscuits, we feel like celebrating here at The Sticker Factory. We’ve been working very hard on some new products and now we are very happy to unveil our brand new 37mm sparkly personalised stickers. You heard right; sparkly stickers you can personalise with your name, brilliant! We’re very excited about them and we hope they’ll soon become favourites with you, our lovely customers.


These super stickers feature a mixture of images including rockets, trains, bookworm aliens, cats, dogs and stars. There are two options available: our four sheet pack (featuring 140 stickers in all), and costing just £4.95 (£5.94 incl. VAT), or our bumper pack containing twelve sheets, (420 stickers) costing £12.95 (£15.54 incl. VAT).


They’re easy to order, simply enter the name you would like on your stickers (24 characters maximum including spaces and punctuation) and we’ll lovingly print it onto your stickers. Each sheet will include the following captions: *Your name* says ‘Well done!’, *Your name* says ‘Good work!’,*Your name* says Excellent effort!, *Your name* says I worked very hard!, and *Your name* says Excellent!


Head over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our customisable and personalised products including stamps, certificates and, of course, lots more stickers.

 Sparkly Personalised Stickers

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