New PE stickers are a winner!

New PE stickers are a winner!
October 14, 2014 The Sticker Factory

PE stickersWe all know exercise is good for you: it releases endorphins, strengthens the body and releases stress, and it’s especially important for children. From dance to darts, swimming to snooker, gymnastics to golf, sports helps children to develop physically as well as increasing their team-working skills, respect for others and a sense of fairness. That’s why we’re very pleased to showcase today our new National Curriculum based 38mm physical education stickers.


Each set contains five sheets totalling 75 stickers, and at a price of £3.79 (£4.55 incl. VAT) they’re jumping good value. Plus, until the 30th of October we’re offering our lovely customers a fantastic 15% off all our curriculum stickers, and, if you spend £41.67 (£50 incl. VAT) on these marking marvels we’ll also give you a pack of 320 sparkly gold stars completely free (please note: discount shows when you view your basket, free gift is automatically added to qualifying orders).


There are a range of captions and images on these sprightly stickers, from bees playing ball to ‘Star worker P.E.’, from stickers celebrating agility ability to brilliant balancing, and all of them are based on our reading of the new National Curriculum.


For a bit of fun we’ve been researching some superb sports facts to celebrate our new stickers. Here are our top ten for you to enjoy:


1. The best badminton shuttles are made from the feathers of a goose’s left wing.

2. Volleyball was originally named mintonette and was invented as a low impact version of basketball.

3. Major League baseball umpires are required to wear black underwear whilst working (in case their trousers split).

4. Swimming fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin (along with bifocals, a glass harmonica, lightning rods and many more).

5. The longest cricket match ever took place in 1939 between England South Africa. After 14 days it ended in a draw.

6. Lawn tennis was originally named ‘Sphairistike’ when it was patented in 1874.

7. Top volleyball players can get balls to reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

8. The first winner of Europe’s Football player of the year was Sir Stanley Matthews. Known as “The Wizard of the Dribble”, Sir Stanley played in England’s top division until he was 50 years old!

9. Netball was first played in England in 1895.

10. One of the most successful football teams of all time was Dick Kerr’s Ladies FC which was founded during the First World War as a company team. The FA banned the team from playing in 1921, many believe that their popularity threatened the success of the men’s game at the time.


Take a jog over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our fabulous new National Curriculum range. Don’t forget to have a look at the rest of our sporty rewards too, from medals to wristbands and more.

PE curriculum stickers

Quite the sporting bee!


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