Missing Days and Michelmas, Super September

Missing Days and Michelmas, Super September

September 9, 2016 The Sticker Factory

Did you know...? stickerDid you know that nothing happened in British history between the 3rd and 13th September 1752? Or that you shouldn’t eat blackberries after Michelmas? To celebrate the arrival of September we’ve gathered together some of our favourite weird and wonderful facts about this marvellous month.


1. The name September comes from the Roman word for seven, septem. In the old Roman calendar September was the seventh month and was believed to be the responsibility of the god Vulcan. This Julian (named after Julius Caeser) calendar was based on the solar year so was fractionally too long and gradually became out of sync with the seasons.


2. Eventually a new calendar was adopted to correct this. The Gregorian calendar (named after Pope Gregory XIII) was introduced in Britain in 1752. As a result the calendar went straight from the 3rd to the 14th of September meaning that absolutely nothing happened for those eleven days in history.


3. Michelmas Day is celebrated on the 29th September. St Michael is the patron saint of sailors and ships, and is also the angel who cast Lucifer from heaven. Lucifer is reputed to have landed in a blackberry bush and cursed the fruit meaning that the berries shouldn’t be eaten after that time.


4. The World Gurning championships take place every September at the Egremont Crab Fair in the Lake District.


5. In some counties corn dollies are still made to celebrate the end of the harvest in September. The tradition dates back hundreds of years and was believed to keep the spirit of the corn alive between harvests.


We hope you have a lovely September, and for those of you back at school you’re having a good start to the new academic year. We’ll see you soon for lots more sticker news, we’re off to practice our best gurning faces.


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