Mini reward charts: perfect on the go

Mini reward charts: perfect on the go
June 19, 2012 The Sticker Factory

2 A6 mini smiley charts with sparkly smiley stickersReward charts are a tried and tested, economical and successful way to encourage and motivate children. They’re great for use at home, and just as fantastic to use when out and about.


When we were developing our new ‘Stickers at Home’ range, we thought it would be a great idea to have a chart which was small and portable so it would be easy to use on the go. Have you ever experienced hard shopping trips, difficult meals out, or wanted to reward your child/ren for being so well behaved when out?


We have created a range of mini charts that are ideal to take out with you and help reward and motivate children on the go. Our A6 charts with 12mm stickers fit easily into a bag or larger pocket, and children will love to collect stickers on their chart when out and about.


With 7 rows and room for 35 stickers on each chart there is plenty of space for a long day out or short break. You could also have one row for each day of the week, there are so many possibilities!


Make sure to set the goal and write it at the top of the chart before going out to make it really clear what is expected so their is no confusion for you or your child/ren. Focus on the positive, and the clear visual representation of how well they’ve behaved will help motivate and encourage them to keep up the good behaviour. Take a look at our ‘Getting the best from your reward chart’ post for some more tips.


We love motivation products, and at the moment we’re developing some new exciting alternatives to the traditional reward chart, watch this space!


Take a look at out mini reward charts and see how they could help you when out and about.



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