Meet Steve

Meet Steve
March 24, 2014 The Sticker Factory

Dad and LudoMeet Steve: He’s the man. A man with a plan, many plans: sticker related plans, motorbike plans, camper van plans, and many others we’re sure. He’s also the only man, that is, the only man at The Sticker Factory (apart from Ludo, his faithful hound. Where Steve is, Ludo’s not far away!).


I sat down with Steve, or ‘Dad’ as I refer to him more often than not, to have a chat about The Sticker Factory: what it’s like working with the family, what sticker he’d be if he had to choose… the usual office chat, at least usual at The Sticker Factory!


Ruth: (That’s me, the one asking the questions, Steve’s daughter and one of his partners in sticker crime. Purely a turn of phrase though, I promise!).

So, what was working life like before The Sticker Factory?


Steve: Varied! I’ve worked in the Merchant Navy, as an engineer, trained as a teacher and taught in secondary schools for 15 years, and now I share an office with my lovely wife Vanessa as a director of The Sticker Factory.


Ruth: You’ve been working with stickers for five years now, I’ve been on board for two and a bit, and Mum has of course been running the show for over 15 years.  Frank (my younger brother) also pops in and packs stickers from time to time, and bakes us delicious biscuits and cakes, and we can’t not mention Heather (my twin sister, teacher and big inspiration to keep creating lots of great reward products). What’s it like being part of a ‘proper’ family business?


Steve: Pretty good indeed. We all bring a unique dynamic to the business and seem to have found a pretty good balance. Together with our fantastic team, I’d say we’ve got a pretty good thing going (touch wood!).


Ruth: How would you describe The Sticker Factory?


Steve: Brilliant!


Ruth: Short and sweet, and of course100% accurate! How do you think your colleagues would describe you?


Steve: You had best ask them! All I know is that we have an excellent, dedicated, hard working team and without whom we would not be where we are today.


Ruth: How true that is. Away from The Sticker Factory for a moment, what do you like to do when you’re not here?


Steve: All sorts: playing music, painting, riding my motorcycle, making and repairing double basses, walking with mutley (Ludo the labradoodle!) and hanging out with my family.


Ruth: A man of many talents, as I have known for a long time now! Back to stickers then. If you were a sticker, what would you be?


Steve: It would have to be the alien, I’m sure people think I’m from another planet!


Ruth: Steve the space man! Before we call it a day, I can’t finish without asking you about the curly blonde dog sitting faithfully at your side, a fluffy feature around work for over two years now! What’s it like having Ludo around in the office?


Steve: Office dog is great to have around. You can bounce ideas off him (though I’m yet to get any proper answers back!), stroke him while you contemplate complex business stuff, and he gets me out the office at lunch which is a bonus as I get some exercise!


Ruth: It is fun having office dog around, though not when he barks in the office. Makes me jump every time (though it doesn’t happen very often to be fair)!


Wonderful stuff. As always Dad, it’s been a pleasure. I’ll make sure these remaining biscuits are put somewhere safe…


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a bit better, and stay tuned to our blog for all the latest Sticker Factory news. You can also visit our website, our virtual Sticker Factory land where we keep digital representations of all our products.



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