Marvellous Monthly Offers: Is Christmas Coming Early?

Marvellous Monthly Offers: Is Christmas Coming Early?
October 12, 2018 The Sticker Factory

Sparkly Square Ron dinosaur stickersOctober is here which can mean only one thing in the world of stickers: a brand new monthly offer. This month it’s a biggie, a super sparkly pack of stickers for just a measly £1! Surely you’re confused we hear you say, you’re sharing festive cheer two months early! But no, we really mean it, you can get a huge 75% off selected packs of sparkly stickers throughout the whole month of October, we’re that generous. That’s a saving of over £3 per pack and a whopping 156 stickers for your quid. It might as well be Christmas!

There are four options to choose from, all Sticker Factory classics, dinosaurs, stars, smiley faces and fairies. They’re all bright and smiley, and ready to add a bit of sparkle to your marking this half-term. Each sheet features 28mm stickers with 12mm stickers snuggled up in between them so no space is wasted and you get more sticker for your money.

Take an early sleigh ride over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our rewards, and start (Christmas) stocking up your sticker supplies.

Over 75% off selected sparkly reward stickers