Marvellous Monthly Offers: Everything is Included!

Marvellous Monthly Offers: Everything is Included!
May 8, 2018 The Sticker Factory

yellow smiley stickerWe hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely Bank Holiday weather and had a chance for some fun and relaxation over the long weekend. We’re still in a holiday mood this Tuesday with our latest brand new monthly offer: a fantastic £5 off when you spend £25 or more throughout the month of May!

Every single thing on our website is included, from stickers and stampers, charts and postcards, to badges, bookmarks, wristbands and classroom dangles. That also includes our fantastic scratch and sniff and sparkly stickers, and personalised and customisable options. Every colour in the rainbow, and a fantastic mixture of captions; budget options and so much more, we’ve run out of puff just telling you about it!

Simply enter code MAY18 at the checkout to get your hands on this super saving and get enough lovely rewards to see you through the rest of this term and into the summer holidays.*

Pay a visit to our website to feast your eyes on all of the rewards we have to offer, and start saving now!

*Please note, offer ends 31.05.2018. £25 spend excludes shipping charges. Offer figures are shown here inclusive of VAT, excl. VAT they are £4.17 off when you spend £20.83 or more.

Sticker Factory May 2018 Offer