Making Rewards Count!

Making Rewards Count!
March 21, 2018 The Sticker Factory

maths wizard reward stickersWe can’t sugar-coat it, teaching maths and numeracy can be hard. But if you’re in need of some inspiration to make maths more fun for your class and get them engaged in numbers, then we’ve got you covered!

Give Them Context
Adding in some practical everyday applications for Maths can be a brilliant way to get children enthused about maths. For example asking your pupils to measure ingredients for a cake and changing the quantities depending on how many they’re going to make is a fantastic way to learn more about weighing, measuring, and ratio. Plus cake is involved, which can only be good!

Progress Charts
Using some bright and colourful progress charts on your classroom wall can be a very powerful tool to help pupils achieve. By giving your wee ones a sticker to pop on their chart not only does it create a sense of ownership over pupil’s learning, it also gives them a tangible picture of how much they’re improving and boosts their motivation for Maths.

Make it specific
Have a look at our Maths subject specific stickers for some brilliant ways to encourage and reward. There are general with captions like ‘Good counting’, plus our new Maths wizard stickers will make your students feel like mathemagicians!

If you want to calculate some reward magic into your maths lessons, check out our huge range of stickers, badges, reward charts and more here at The Sticker Factory!