Make your piggybank smile!

Make your piggybank smile!
April 18, 2018 The Sticker Factory

Budget sticker rangeJust about two years ago we introduced some new members to The Sticker Factory family. Since then our brilliant budget stickers have become customer favourites and that’s why we thought we’d take the chance today to showcase these very brainy, penny saving little stickers!

What makes our budget stickers so smart and such good value we hear you ask. How do we do it? Well, because they’re printed using just one or two spot colours on a sheet they’re a very cost effective reward option that’s big on praise while saving your purse!

There are six colours to choose from in the budget range, and eight pack options in all. Prices start from £1.21 for a pack of 30 38mm stickers going up to our very bestest best value mixed pack of a whopping 600 38mm stickers for just a tiny £4.73. Each pack includes a variety of images including some of our absolute classics like fairies, dinosaurs, stars and aliens, and a variety of captions like ‘Monster effort’, ‘Magic’ and ‘Star worker’, or the super mixed pack which includes a bit of everything.

Take a visit to our website to have a look at our budget stickers and start saving now!

Budget sticker range