Make an impression in a flash!

Make an impression in a flash!
February 20, 2015 The Sticker Factory

custom mini stampsWe’ve got a fancy new bit of machinery at The Sticker Factory, which we like to call…’The Flash Machine’. It means we can now make some of our custom stamps in house, and the first of our in house creations are our 13mm custom mini stamps. Simply choose your own image, from stars and bees to thumbs up and footsteps; ink colour (red, blue, black, green and violet) and text.


Due to the mini nature of these stamps there are ten characters available for text including punctuation and spaces. That means it’s fantastic for ‘well done’, ‘excellent’, ‘good work’, ‘supercalifrag…’ maybe not, but plenty of other words and phrases fit perfectly. Each stamp is usually dispatched within 5-10 working days of order confirmation so they’re super speedy too!


Stamp over to our website to take a look at these super stamps and bag yourself a marvellous marking mate.

custom mini stamps


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