It’s an office dogs life

It’s an office dogs life
November 13, 2013 The Sticker Factory

sleepy dogHello, my name’s Ludo and I’m the resident office dog at The Sticker Factory. That’s me to the left, working very hard!


I’ve decided that’s it’s time for the humans to stop hogging all the attention and bring life at The Sticker Factory to you from a slightly different perspective. I’ve managed to get my paws on the blog and set up my own little section, so as well as reading about all the stickers and stuff, you can also get to know me!


So let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a labradoodle: attentive like a labrador with a hint of poodle nonchalance (I’m very good at going to retrieve things, but why should I bring them back?!). Ever since I was a pup I’ve been coming to The Sticker Factory. I live with Vanessa and Steve (apparently they own TSF as well as me), and almost every day we come to work, there’s plenty of good sniffs along the way so I’m happy. I don’t say a lot, the occasional woof of approval, but I’m pretty sure I play an important role, as any good office dog does.


Life round the office is pretty good. I have a comfy bean bag where I can look out over the water meadows opposite the office, I get to take Steve for a walk over there every lunchtime, and sometimes for a bit in the afternoon, and there’s a nice comfy sofa for me to sit on when I visit the office downstairs (the other day I got up on it after I’d been swimming in the pond and made it nice and smelly, but no one else saw it as an improvement… odd!).


There’s some pretty good stickers around the place (the doggy ones are my favourite of course!), but most of all I’m interested in where the next snack is coming from. I love a good root round the bins to find empty crisp packets, and there’s one lady who comes in on a Tuesday and Thursday and always has biscuits for me, she doesn’t even have to tell me to sit for them anymore!


Got to go, I think someone’s rustling the biscuit tin… Watch this space for more from me soon, and the humans said to let you know about the websi… ooh, bonio, my favourite! *wag wag wag*




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