It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!
January 17, 2018 The Sticker Factory

Star Of The Day sticker-tificateExtracts from the diary of a sticker maker

Oct 2017: Experiments continue in my underground sticker laboratory. Night and day I work but it’s worth it. I will find a way to combine a sticker and a certificate. I am close, I feel it. People said I was mad but my quest for new rewards must continue. I have sent Igor out for fresh supplies. Not much to do until he gets back, think I’ll have a cup of tea. Perhaps there are some of those biscuits left…

Nov 2017: I have come closer than ever to my goal. After weeks of research and experimentation I have finally broken the first barrier and produced a square sticker. As with all first attempts it needs some work, it is so sticky that it took some of Igor’s lab coat off with it when I tested it. Excellent progress!

Dec 2017: Eureka! I have done it! I have managed to combine a sticker and a certificate. Finally, I have achieved it. I have made a sticker you can write on and a certificate that sticks!

Ok, so this isn’t quite how it happened but we do think our new sticker-tificates are a little bit genius. They feature the immediacy of a sticker and the personalised touch of a certificate with a space to write a student’s name. There are four options to choose from: Star of the Day, Super star award, Well done, and Achievement Award, and a pack of 30 will cost you just £2.10. Head over to our website to discover these marvellous rewards now.

Sticker-tificates - merit stickers with the feel of a certificate