In the beginning was the word: National Storytelling Week 2018

In the beginning was the word: National Storytelling Week 2018
January 24, 2018 The Sticker Factory

stellar reading alien stickerNext week (27th Jan – 3rd Feb) is National Storytelling Week and we think it’s an absolutely brilliant opportunity to share some tall tales with your pupils. The event was started in 2000 to celebrate and share all of the fantastic stories, myths, folk tales and legends that are hidden in every part of the country. From tales of Black Shuck, the demon dog of East Anglia, to kelpies and selkies in Scotland, and the red and white dragons hiding in the valleys of Wales, there are extraordinary tales everywhere you turn and this is a fantastic chance to share them.

Storytelling is a wonderful way for children to share in all of the wonderful stories that make up human history and culture, but they’re also a super way to work with others, improve the memory and let the imagination run wild. Why not your own spooky story, school legend, or a brand new terrifying beast?

You can have a look at the National Storytelling Week website here and find lots of events going on up and down the country. There are also lots of handy resources about the day including information on how to get started telling your own stories. But it’s not just this week, we love a good story all of the time (and not just when we have to explain why there’s no biscuits left in the tin again). Have a look at our literacy and reading stickers in our subject specific range, bookmarks and more for some super ways to inspire your pupils with the spoken and written word.

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