In the beginning was the sticker

In the beginning was the sticker
August 14, 2013 The Sticker Factory

dino 'monster effort' stickerHello, we’re The Sticker Factory, and we make stickers and other reward and motivation products (and occasionally cakes to have with our afternoon cup of tea!).


Over the months to come we want to share our sticker world with you, our history, our passion, our office wildlife…It’s not that wild, it’s a curly, blonde labradoodle named Ludo, though we do also have the occasional spider pop in. We’re a small family run business and today were going to tell you how it all began.


The year was 1997, the town Sudbury. Our founder and director was picking her children up from school and noticed that one of them had a star stamp on their hand. A trained graphic designer, she wasn’t overly impressed by the design and thought she’d try creating some of her own reward products. The rest, as they say, is history.


The first sticker she created was our happy dino, still a firm Sticker Factory favourite 16 years on. For the first few months these dino stickers spent their life on a shelf in a conservatory, alongside other Sticker Factory designs such as our star, spider, snail, frog and computer. Little did they know that this was only the beginning…


That’s a story for another time though. If you want to find out more then keep looking around, and be sure to come back regularly for all the latest news. You can also visit our website where we keep little virtual representations of all of our products, we don’t keep the real things in a conservatory any more.



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