In sickness and in health, stickers for all occasions!

In sickness and in health, stickers for all occasions!
April 15, 2015 The Sticker Factory

lion sticker - for braveryDid you know that we have a whole range of stickers for healthcare professionals and for healthcare situations? Illness and injury can be scary things, especially for children, and stickers can help in not only aiding the very important communication between hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, schools and home, but can also help to take the sting out of sickness.


Our best value option is our pick ‘n’ mix pack of 1500 38mm stickers, containing 20 packs of 75 stickers for £36.67 excl. VAT (£44 incl. VAT). That makes these packs less than half the price of a single pack which means that for every twenty packs of our 75 stickers, you only pay for ten. Fantastic!


What’s more because it’s pick ‘n’ mix, there are a whole heap of options to choose from, featuring a massive range of captions and images, including ‘I saw the nurse’, ‘for bravery’, and ‘I must not have anything to eat or drink today’.


We also have a hospital assortment pack which is quick and easy in case you don’t have time to pick ‘n’ mix. This set contains 350 37mm bright and colourful stickers with an assortment of captions and images for just £9.38 (£11.26 incl. VAT).


When you send us your order make sure it’s an official purchase order (if you want it on a thirty day account) and make sure if you’re ordering the pick and mix options to include the 20 pack references or we’ll need to contact you for them which could slow your order down! Please get in touch with us if you have any queries, we can always send you any information you need.


Head (shoulders, knees and toes) to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our rewards and keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter, and to all of the dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, specialists and everyone that works so hard to make the scary times less frightening, we salute you!


healthcare sticker mix

A select few from our wide range of healthcare stickers!

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