How Can Stickers Engage Pupils and Create a Happy Classroom?

How Can Stickers Engage Pupils and Create a Happy Classroom?
January 31, 2018 The Sticker Factory

For years, stickers have been used in classrooms as a way to reward behaviour and boost confidence. From happy little smiley faces to praise stickers that are more specific in their purpose, we’re sure you can remember a time when you were given one at school! For a child, it’s a pretty big deal. For teachers, TAs and educational professionals too, stickers can be an integral part of teaching methods and help to positively maintain and reinforce an environment where learning comes first.

Boost Motivation

We hear a lot from our customers that when a sticker is in sight, kids work harder and feel more motivated. Particularly if there are only a few stickers to be handed out, because the little ones will find motivation to do their work from their naturally competitive nature. They’ll want to win that sticker over everyone else and won’t let a maths problem or English task stop them!

Encourage Good Behavior

Stickers are a great way to encourage good behavior throughout the classroom. From creating behaviour charts that use stickers to track each child to rewarding those who display exemplary behaviour, it’s a way of showing your pupils that their efforts won’t go unnoticed. To get something in return for sitting quietly or being nice to others makes it rewarding to do so, reinforces the positivity of it and encourages the continuation of it moving forward too, so even if there are not always stickers, it’s seen as a positive thing to do because of past associations.

Create More Fun

Stickers are fun! We’ve certainly had a lot of fun designing them over the years (especially the three eyed reading alien with glasses to name just one!). They’re colorful, can be shiny and have cute little designs on them that kids love. Sure, they have many other great benefits, but we think having fun in a classroom is an important part of learning. If learning isn’t fun, then children are more likely to switch off, and become disengaged, rather than reveling in a subject and honing their talents. Some simple rewards can help increase your pupils happiness and enjoyment of their classroom time, which can be a huge factor in how well they’re going to engage and partake in work. Stickers are a joy to give and a joy to receive!

Create Enthusiasm

Even the quietest of children are more likely to engage and become enthusiastic in a lesson if stickers are involved. Just because they’re shy doesn’t mean they don’t want to win! Stickers bring passion into the classroom environment and can help motivation levels.

Track Progress

Tracking progress is a great way to keep your classroom happy and on-track. By using stickers, kids will want to get more on their chart, in a book or to wear because they’re a cute, fun thing to have. A visual example of how well they’re doing can also help them to see where they need to improve, is great for you to refer back to with them and can actively show them when they’re making progress. They’re also a great conversation starter to help aid communication between school and home. For a child, being able to see results visually, and link their behaviour to their progress is key to pushing them forward. Stickers and progress sheets are a great way to do that!

We don’t know about you, but we can still remember the times we were rewarded with stickers at school, and remember the teachers and rewards fondly. In 1997 Vanessa, our founder and director, started creating reward stickers and motivation products because she saw just how positive the effect was with her own children. Over 20 years later we take great pride in helping teachers, TAs, educational professionals, parents, guardians and healthcare professions reward, encourage and motivate and spread the positive effects stickers can have. Why not take a look at our range of fun reward stickers and bring the joy of stickers to your classroom.

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