Hello Halloween!

Hello Halloween!
October 11, 2018 The Sticker Factory

happy halloween stickerDid you know that the use of the word pumpkin was first though to been recorded in the story Cinderella? Or that black cats were often taken on ships and were seen as symbols of good luck by sailors. You can tell we’re looking forward to for the spookiest time of the year again and getting ready to share some scary fun with our selection of Halloween rewards.

First up are our Happy Halloween stickers, all with one of our ghoulish characters like bats, spiders, Jack O Lanterns and witches, the perfect way to wish a Happy Halloween. A pack of 70 stickers will cost you just £4.42. Or take a peep at our spooky skull and insect stickers. There are spiders, skulls and scorpions, all perfect for rewarding, encouraging and motivating this Halloween. Each pack of 440 15mm stickers costs £6.25.

Or you could make your very own Halloween rewards with our DIY bunting, free to download from our website, and our range of customised stickers all ready for your own image and caption.

Hop on a broomstick or a magic carpet over to our website to have a look at all of our spooktacular Halloween rewards and start sharing scares…